The Power of Words

mi-graine: pain in one side of the side
January 26, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Now, why on earth did I choose migraine today?  No, I don’t have one today…  But migraines tend to last for a long time with me, between two and three days so to me a migraine is a long lasting pain. 

It’s surprising at what words mark you.  It’s not always obvious.  Today during class, one girl told me my mom was a ho.  I was appalled.  How can she say that?!?  Where was the premise to base her prejudgment?  I can’t even say that because I don’t know her, and she’s my mother.  Even if it were true, I’d never say that.  So, enlighten me: why can a random girl just say “You’re mom’s a ho to me?”

No reason, eh?

Those words really marked me… because it’s been hours since they were said.  Maybe I’m just overanalyzing…

But, WHY?!?

The girl who said those words to me was in no way, shape, or form to make judgments.  I could just as easily responded with something as shocking… maybe the fact that she wears a cloak to school… or the fact she’s obsessed with things that don’t exist…  But no.

And, what’s with the stereotype?  Can’t surrendering mothers be doctors, lawyers, soccer moms?  Why ho’s?  I wish the public would just listen, or maybe learn a thing or two.  As a society, we are too quick to judge, mock, and ridicule.  What about those who wear different colored converse, or the girls who don’t wear Aberzombie and Hollister?  What about the girl in the hippie headband and zebra sweater.  Is she overlooked and labeled weird for originality.

Stereotypes cause pain.

Pain is bad.

Therefore, no more stereotypes.


Un-be-knownst: unknown; unperceived; without someone’s knowledge

Yesterday, I biked to the beach, short shorts and a tank top covered my bathing suit.  I was ready for fun.  While I was running around and dancing and biking, the sun decided it would leave me an unfair reminder.  Yes, I got  a sunburn.  My brains didn’t tell me “Oh!  The sun is out, how about some sunscreen!” and now I’m burned.

You see, life isn’t a box of chocolates, it’s more like spicy jalapenos  What you do today, might burn you in the ass tomorrow.  I find that as a whole, our society tends to try to “fix” things.  We operate under the notion that things can just be solved with a flash of cash, but truly, it can’t.  We either solve short-term problems with long-term solutions or just band aid something.  Bread and circuses.

Okay, I’ll admit.  I’ve been burned numerous times.  Sometimes, you just get carried away with life, sometimes people trust too easily.  I should’ve known that the emails were coming.  I believed that I had friends, and that was silly.  I trusted my “friends” and, like the jalapenos, my ass was soon burned.  When you think things couldn’t be any better, life hits you.  And life smacked me right in the face.  It was difficult to get back up.  You know the old saying “When you fall, just get back up again,” it’s about as true as “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  Both are such falsities.

As a writer, I know that words are so powerful.  It’s astonishing how much power these insignificant letters have.

I guess I’m expressing their power through my blog.