The Power of Words

eter-ni-ty: 1. The infinate duration. 2. Immortality
December 11, 2009, 6:02 pm
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I don’t believe that there is a divine force out there.  Sure, we have freedom, love, and joy, but I have a difficult time finding that it is derivative from “above.”   Truly, what’s to say that there is a divine force “below,”  and now there is a negative connotation with things that are below, they are now considered lesser, or evil.  I mean, God could even be on this earth, why is that so difficult to grasp.  Although I am an atheist, I believe that this earth is our final destination.  It’s truly remarkable.

The word, forever, has a negative connotation itself.  Forever is received as a death sentence, a loss of freedom.  When you have a child, you are the parent.  Forever.  Nothing can change that fact, and therefore it seems frightening.

If I could, I’d lie in a field for eternity.  The grass grows so slowly, yet the miracle of it just inspires me.  The fresh smell of dew in the morning is like caffeine for the soul.  What could be better in life?  Everyone wants to be at peace with life, at peace with themselves, but I prefer being at peace with the earth.  The earth is what we call home, we use its resources as a means of nutrition.

Why, in life there are obstacles.  Everything in this world has strings attached, but that has already been established.  Would you rather be held down by one hardship for eternity, or reminisce on one memory for your life?

I believe eternity is composed of simple pleasures: fresh-cut grass, fireworks on the Fourth of July, running barefoot on the beach, and lying in a bed with cotton sheets that just came in from the clothesline.

So, eternity may seem like a malady; it is a blessing to me.