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March 3, 2010, 12:50 am
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So after a slew of depressing songs and a waste of an entire day perusing my snaps of various happy memories, I have stopped feeling awful.

I didn’t ask to be adopted, frankly I wish I would’ve been aborted.  My day would’ve been a whole lot easier if I didn’t see the softball photographer’s face today.  She looked just like my mom.  I broke down in the dugout.  Then of course all the annoying girls are like, “What’s wrong?  What’s wrong?”  SHUT UP!  I DON’T WANT YOUR EFFING HELP!!!

And at softball one girl pelted me in the face with like 3 softballs.  They aren’t soft fyi.

OH!  And so Friday this some girls were playing in the outfield with me (they were texting) and completely ignoring what was going on.  So I was running the ENTIRE effing outfield.  That’s a lot.  A LOT.  One girl gave the coach attitude about being in the outfield and how she wanted to play infield.  So my coach tells her “Attitude won’t get you anywhere, you need to PROVE to me that you can play infield.  You are far from there.”  So today who does he put infield?  Yep.  And who has a bruise on her face? 

So, that’s wonderful, right?  Later on, I was going to bat and the first throw hit me in the ankle (hard enough for me to fall down and have tears).  I hate crying in public.  I hate it.  My ankle is HUGE.  Really big.  I ended up scoring a run.  Yay! 

I’m just so sick of school, softball, and adoption.  Invisibility, too…


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Ouch cringe ouch! you least you got a walk to first? Yeah, bball can really hurt. I have a “you should see the other guy” story about playing, if you’re interested.

How can anyone be sick of softball? School, adoption, yuh huh…but ball?? Sacrilege!! ; )

Comment by Campbell

I’m sick of people treating me like crap. My coaches don’t even NOTICE me. I mean, I can throw AND catch. Sure, I’m not pretty and I don’t wear short shorts to practice but I don’t give attitude.

I’m also sick of people pelting me with balls. It gets annoying after the first time.

Comment by lostinanobscure

So you’re saying he put HER in the infield?!? I thought you meant you had a bruise on your face. Sigh…your coach is an ass and for that I’m sorry. It’s such a great game and if you’re good at it and like it, it sucks even more!

Comment by Campbell

Yes, I am. I swear, if he does this one more time I’m done.

Comment by lostinanobscure

Ohh this pisses me off! Well, he’ll likely do it again but here’s hoping somehow he doesn’t.

Oh I can’t stand crap coaches : |

Comment by Campbell


Comment by lostinanobscure


Comment by Campbell

Why did he do that? Is this a school teacher?

Comment by Campbell

He isn’t.

I was late to practice because I had dorkestra (a LEGIT excuse) so I had to sit out and hand my jersey to the girl who arrived 45 minutes into our game (with my jersey) and ended up replacing me. WTF?!?

Comment by lostinanobscure

Shaking my head here. Sorry girl, it’s just all wrong, just idiotic. Could go on for ages about this but I won’t. Just let me say it makes me really mad that what seems to be your first experience with softball is going this way. If you do end up having to quit, and if it’s as futile as it seems I don’t blame you a bit, I hope you’d give it a second chance another time with quality people.

Comment by Campbell

Crap, I’m limping… 😦

I will give in a second chance. Just once I’m away from all these annoying girls.

Comment by lostinanobscure

Aww..are you icing your ankle?

Comment by Campbell

I was a little. It’s still pretty big. 😦

Comment by lostinanobscure

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